Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Gwen makes things for babies

Since I've been totally failing at showing you any finished knitted things (because I've been totally failing at finishing this sweater), here are two super cute onesies I made for two babies I know.

First we have the Raising Cane's onesie, for my friends Jamie and Blair, and their baby Henry.  Jamie is the world's greatest fan of Cane's, so I thought we should start Henry off right.

Then we have the Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams onesie for my friends Greg and Liza, and their baby Lily. Liza always makes time for Jeni's whenever she's even remotely near Columbus, and if you'd tried it before, you'd know why.  (Because it is heaven in an ice cream scoop, that's why.)

These were made very simply by freehanding logos onto onesies with Crayola fabric markers.  I drew the logos with pencil first, just in case I needed to change anything.  Super cute, eh?

Don't worry - I'm still alive

Here's how I currently feel about knitting in stockinette in laceweight yarn:
That is, slightly blurry, and quite bored.  I do love the fabric that is being created, but it's dreadfully dull at this point.  I'm on the second sleeve, which means that casting on the front band is in sight, and at least that will be in ribbing...
The funny thing is, I already have post-sweater plans... for a fingering weight sweater.  Yes, I realize how bored I currently am, but it looks really cute.