Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Get in the TARDIS, Professor.

I made a friend yesterday. 

I've decided he's from Gallifrey, given how firey he is, and his name is the Professor. 

Some may say I could have been a tad more productive on my Tuesday at home.  To them I say, "Yes, you're probably right.   But this was far more fun."

Plus, when I was done, I got to have a photo-shoot.

Pattern: Baby Hedgehog and her Mommy by Ana Paula Rimoli
Ravelry link

On my lens cap, for size comparison

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Sometimes, Gwen crochets things.

So, the massive Christmas knitting project is coming along nicely, but you know me (okay, or maybe you don't) - I get bored with long projects and have to take a break for some instant gratification. 
One of my friends on the facebooks posted some hats she'd crocheted recently (for children, mind you), and I thought I should see if I could find a penguin pattern.  Oh, did I ever.  And it required bulky yarn.  And I bought the yarn this afternoon.  And took a break for a few hours to go to a hockey game.  And the hat is still done and on my head.

Crocheting is magically fast!!

Anyway, here's the ridiculous awesome hat.

Pattern: Penguin Bomber Hat, by Micah York
Hook size: K and G
Yarn: Bernat Softee chunky
Ravelry link

As you can see, the pets were not as impressed as they should have been.  And after the addition of tassels to tie the ear flaps up, I deem this hat complete.  And awesome.