Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Temporary Insanity

So, what did I decide to do after finishing a super bulky weight sweater in about a week?

Cast on a lace weight cardigan, of course.  That is all stockinette.  I am insane.

I am happy to report that it is going way faster than anticipated, and I'm now about an inch past the armpits.  The pattern is the Featherweight Cardigan, by Hannah Fettig (Ravelry pattern link), and the yarn is Knit Picks Shadow in the color "Oregon Coast," because who doesn't like the Oregon coast?

I finished a pair of short Noro stripey socks recently, and my current sock project is two at a time magic loop toe-up short socks to use up some sock yarn I had leftover from my Outside In socks.

And I promise to get good pictures of the most recent sweaters up here soon.  Maybe when this featherweight cardigan is done, I can have a super spectacular cardigan post.  :)  Back to the stockinette!

Friday, April 1, 2011

Look! The back of a sweater!

So, I finally finished re-knitting a sweater that I originally finished in January (Modern Garden Cardigan).  After I finished it, I learned about negative ease and couldn't find anyone who could wear it.

I re-knit it in a medium, and it's perfect!  Love it.  Love it so much that I tried to take pics of it on this bright sunny day,  but all you get is the back and my face because the camera battery died.  I'll get a full post up once the battery is charged.

In other sweater news, the Girl Friday sweater has buttons!  But they are too small for the button holes.  Sooooo... those pictures are still on hold.