Sunday, February 28, 2010


I did it!  And with a whole day until the Closing Ceremonies.  Extended picture-taking session tomorrow.  Now I'm going to bed.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore

Hey, Gwen, it's 1:30 am and Bob Costas long ago handed the reigns over to Mary Carillo, what are you doing still up?



At first I hated the afterthought heel because I had to pick out and pick back up 74 freakin' stitches, but then I kind of loved it.  Nice to have the pattern seamlessly continue on the heel.

Back to the Olympic grind... 

Monday, February 15, 2010

Ba ba baba ba ba ba dum dum dudum ba ba dum ba ba dum dum dum

Um, that was the Olympic theme...

Because I am hardcore and because I am crazy and because what better thing to do when you just started a giant sweater project than to start another project, I signed up for the 2010 Knitting Olympics.

(I will admit, I cast on during the opening ceremonies at 10pm EST because I couldn't take casting on at midnight when the flame was lit when I had a 15 hr work day to look forward to the next morning.  But, the rules clearly state to cast on between 6-8pm PST.)  

Anywho, my project is Outside In by Janice Kang.  17 days.  2 new techniques (2 at a time on one circular and an afterthought heel).  1 crazy goal to finish before the flame goes out.

Just starting out during the opening ceremonies (I think this is some IOC address)

Progress thus far
The glorious inside of the Outside In socks

Random notes:  
1. There is a big difference between size US 1 2.25mm (what the pattern called for) and size US 1 2.5mm (what I have) needles.  After 4 rows, the sock was clearly going to be giant (and I was already making the medium size) so I managed to whittle down each sock by 8 stitches over the next few rows and am now knitting the small size (for my size 8 1/2 - 9 feet).  The beauty of this is that the tops of the socks will not be too tight around my legs.  Bonus.
2. For some reason (probably because it was near midnight when I checked the pattern) I thought the pattern said the cuff was 15 rows.  When I went to start the leg, I noticed it was actually only 12 rows.  Valuable time has been lost!
3. Only a few snafus so far - mostly 1/2 of one sock where I forgot all decreases for a row, but then made up for it later.
4.  This 2 at a time sock thing is pretty darn awesome.
5.  Sometimes I miss my DPNs.  But I do not miss Second Sock Syndrome.
6.  That is all.  Goodnight!

Friday, February 12, 2010

Sweater Update

Here's what I look forward to all day at work:

Millions of charts and cables for the Vivian sweater, deliciously smooth Cascade 220, and the best chair there is - Chairington 2.1.  

I'm trying to make the sweater as custom as possible so there's a little finagling involved with decreases and increases and what not, but it's a good time.

I learned this week that the seed stitch in one panel is supposed to be mirrored in the opposite side, and I didn't do that, but honestly - it's seed stitch, can anyone really tell?

Love my new very inexpensive Knit Picks row counter (holla at ya, Knit Picks!).

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Super Soft Shawlette

Finished up the Ishbel shawlette earlier this week.  I used the super duper soft green yarn that my BFF brought back from Scotland, and when that was about to run out, switched to some also soft but not quite as soft sock yarn, then did the bind off in the original green.

I must say I'm happy with how it turned out.  I had my doubts at times after I'd switched to the variegated yarn, but it all worked out.  One of these days I'll actually complete a lace shawl that is a solid color only...

Pattern: Ishbel, Ysolda Teague
Yarn: Orkney Angora St. Mangus DK (color = bottle green); Knit Picks Imagination Handpainted sock yarn (color = mermaid lagoon)
Needles: Knit Picks Harmony interchangeable circulars, size US 6/4.0 mm
Ravelry link 



I'd like to give a shout-out to blocking wires.  You make my life so much easier, and let me block a billion points with approximately 8 pins.

And, of course, here are some glamor shots in the snow.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Nerdy Old Lady

"...When is my yarn going to be in at the yarn store?" I wondered out loud.
"You ordered yarn at the yarn store?" the Husband asked.
"Um, yeah..."
(hysterical laughter) "NERD!  You're a nerd!  And an old lady!  A nerdy old lady"

Well, it's in!  All 7 skeins of it.  Cascade 220 Heathers, color Turtle. 
(It's going to be the Vivian sweater, by Ysolda Teague.)

That extra skein is to finish Mom's Fetching I started to try Magic Loop, then ran out of yarn in a classic yarn project/yarn : cereal/milk situation.

So, good news Mom!  Your mitts are done!
(pictures taken in haste as the batteries to both cameras died at the same time)
Pattern: Fetching (Cheryl Niamath), Knitty Summer 2006
Yarn: Cascade 220 Heathers, Autumn
Needles: addi Natura size US 8/5.0 mm 40# circular

Don't worry, the Ishbel is coming along nicely.  Since this picture, the fab green yarn has run out and I've switched to a crazy variegated yarn to finish things out.  I think I'm making it work.
Carry on.