Monday, July 5, 2010

Hey, you!

It's an addiction, the knitting.

Immediately after binding off the Monkey socks, I cast on a Project Which Must Not Be Named (you see it's a present for someone) and finished the PWMNBN in about a day and a half.

Then, my super happy fun Knit Picks order came (lots of Creme Brulee Comfy Worsted cotton, some grey lace yarn, and some bright yellow lace yarn), and I immediately cast on the Hey, Teach! sweater.  It was midnight.  I had to work the next morning.  But, I had to cast on RIGHT NOW, you see.  Mind you, I didn't knit the first row until after work the next morning, but no matter.

This yarn is sooooooooo soft!  And this pattern, despite having inches and inches of stockinette, is going so fast!  

Bonus - my purling finger is feeling better now, see?

Here's how the sweater is looking now.  It's not quite as dark yellow as the non-flash pics, but not quite as light as the flash pics.  Some day I'll take photos in the daylight; then the color will be right.


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