Friday, April 23, 2010


You know how sometimes people get really sad/worried/stressed and they turn to food for comfort?  (You know, other people, not me of course...)  Or how some people turn to crack to escape reality?  (Okay, really  not me this time...)  

Well, when it comes to knitting, socks are my crack.  (Um, that didn't sound the best, but you get the point.)

I'm still working up the patience to rip that dang sweater back a few rows.  I really do love how it's coming out, it's just that somehow even though I trusted the pattern, that one darn sleeve is on all wrong (and since there's a nice bold cable running down the outside, it's quite obviously on wrong).  So, it'll be fine, and I'll get it done, but not yet.  

So, what do I turn to to relive the knitting stress?  More knitting!  (hahahaha, it's an addiction...)  But not just any knitting - SOCKS!  Nice, safe, reliable, cozy, socks.  And not just any socks - fabulous Cookie A patterned, extremely garishly colored self-striping yarn socks.  And, just for kicks, I'm doing them two at a time on two circulars (new technique - holla!).  
It feels great.  It's just what I needed to forget about that stupid sleeve fiasco.  And it means I'm finally getting around to knitting a pair of Monkey socks.  I bought the yarn impulsively on clearance over a year ago, and decided it would turn into Monkeys shortly thereafter, but it hadn't come up in the que yet.

I've almost finished the cuffs tonight, and I'm so excited!  SOCKS!  (Did I mention, socks?)

They're bright and happy and the leg pattern starts tomorrow and I love them already.

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